History Department

"The More you know about the Past,The better
prepared you are for the future."  
         - Theodore Roosevelt.

Human life is always purposeful. History is the transmission of our mental, moral, technical and aesthetic heritage as fully as possible to as many as possible, for the enlargement of men‘s understanding control, embellishment and enjoyment of life.

Our history departments mould and prepare the students to meet the growing challenges in this competitive world. Our department eminent and enlightened personalities in future. Our Department is an important centre of resources for instructional program in history. Our student teachers use different types of aids, pamphlets, maps, charts, reference books, text books, projectors, LCD, OHP, club magazines, real objects etc. Not only But also provides a lot of information through Group Discussions, Team teaching projects etc. Our Department celebrates national festivals and national days. In Toto history department is an ideal Department of Bethlahem College of education.

Our Academics Information
Teaching Staff
Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching, and, apart from parents, are the main source of knowledge and values for students.
S.No. Staff Name Designation
1 Ms.Gladies Obeliea.D Assistant Professor/HOD

The Vision statements of History Department are:
♦  Instilling democratic norms and participating behavior.
♦  Strengthening national identity and preserving cultural heritage coupled with India‘s contribution to mankind.
♦  Equipping the students to cope up with the challenges of globalization.
♦  Providing education to establish a socially cohesive society.
♦  Developing life skills and promoting social personal qualities.

The Mission statements of our Department are:
♠  To develop an appreciation of 3R‘s rights, responsibilities and relationships.
♠  Not only, but also developing qualities like clarity of thought, intellectual, conscience, courage love of truth, initiative, self-reliance, spontaneity, tolerance, unbiased attitude etc. which go a long way in the development of a well-balanced personality that is intellectively mature, emotionally stable and society efficient.
♠  Get familiarized with the various learning resources for their professional effectiveness.

Some of the achievements achieved by History department are:
♣  We are achieving Centum percent Result in every year for History Subject.
♣  In 2008- 2009 Merojilatha achieved college second place (practical-I class and Theory I class) and she achieved university first mark in history education.