Physical Science Department

"To learn Science is to do Science, there is
no other way of learning Science"

           - Dr. D.S. Kothari.

Science is one of those human activities that man has created to gratify certain human needs, ‘The science for Truth’ has been the dominant motive in the department provides a live, authentic and understanding based environment with plenty of resources for learning. We have a well- equipped constructivist classroom where the ideas of the student teachers drive the learning process and the teacher educator serves as a guide rather than as the source of knowledge. We adopt different strategies in teaching- learning process such as projects, group discussion, team teaching,ICT enabled teaching inorder to make the student teachers learn in a virtual environment.

We have a well – furnished laboratory for achieving the cardinal principle of science "learning by doing" and to understand the scientific concepts and applications. We mould our students inculcate scientific attitude and develop the habit of exploration in science. To pursue the knowledge of science as a pleasant hobby and not as a burden, a number of co-curricular activities are organized with the help of ‘The Science Club’. Thus our department plays a positive role in promoting a healthy environment in learning.“True Science discovers god waiting behind every door” as Pope Pius said.

Our Academics Information
Teaching Staff
Teachers are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. They bear the weight and responsibility of teaching, and, apart from parents, are the main source of knowledge and values for students.
S.No. Staff Name Designation
1. Mrs.J.F.Mercy Assistant Professor/HOD
2. Mrs.G.Femina Jasmine Assistant Professor

The Vision statements of our department are:
♦  To offer a broad array of scientific literary and inculcate scientific attitude among prospective science teachers.

The Mission statements of our department are:
♠  To develop an understanding of nature and its relationship with science, technology and society.
♠  To provide an exposure of the approaches and strategies related to science and the importance of self –learning devices.