About us

About our College



Producing Quality Teachers at International Standards.


  • To provide quality teacher education for the rural and unreached.
  • To attain excellence in teaching, research and extension activities for a bright and peaceful future.
  • To train teachers to imbibe and promote human values for the development of our Nation.


Introducing Bethlahem

Bethlahem College of Education, a self- supporting Teacher Education College, affiliated to Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University, is owned and managed by Nesamony Memorial Trust, Karungal. Thiru. Gerald Selvaraja is the Secretary of this reputed institution. The aim of the Managing Trustee is to impart Teacher Education to the weaker sections of the society with a Christian sense of service. The aim of the Management is to bring this institution to the International standards of learning. Our Motto is ‘Arise and Shine’.



commitment to put one’s heart into excelling in all aspects of life.



commitment to act according to one’s conscience.



commitment to respect and serve all with love and concern.



commitment to lead others with vision and values.


We give you the Best Education

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    Common Admission

    To keep admission open to all candidates irrespective of gender, caste, creed, language, etc.,

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    Innovative Ideas

    To enhance the holistic development of teachers with cocurricular and extracurricular activities.

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    Communication Skills

    To empower the faculty and prospective teachers with necessary digital and communication skills.


Core Values

  • To focus on value based education for desirable character formation of prospective teachers enabling them to become men and women for others.
  • To enhance the ecological intelligence of prospective teachers to imbibe ecological sensitivity for sustainable development with care for our Common Home.
  • To conduct sports and cultural programmes for prospective teachers to explore and develop their potential and aesthetic talents.
  • To prepare prospective teachers for competitive examinations through periodical training programmes.
  • To empower prospective teachers with employable and life skills to face the challenges in life and the digital world.
  • To inculcate social responsibility and empathy in prospective teachers by providing them experiences through rural immersion camp and visits to schools for children with special needs.
  • To provide in-service training for the teaching staff to adopt latest teaching, learning pedagogies and strategies.
  • To provide career opportunities for prospective teachers through training and campus placement.


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