“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”!!
“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”

Albert Einstein
(Theoretical Physicist)


For B.Ed.

Each candidate whose admission is approved by Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University should gain 85% (i.e., 170 days) of attendance, failing which they will not be permitted to appear for the B.Ed. degree examination. However, as per the decision of the Syndicate of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University in its meeting held on 10.08.2010 candidates who are able to gain attendance only upto 75% on medical ground, will be permitted to appear for the examination after getting condonation of attendance, adhering to the norms of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University.

For M.Ed.

  • In each semester, a student shall earn a minimum of 80% attendance for theory courses and practicum,and 90% field attachment/internship/immersion. In special cases, the Vice-Chancellor may condone deficiency of attendance not exceeding 10% on the recommendation of the Principal / Head of the Department, based on medical grounds duly certified by a Government Medical Officer not below the rank of an Assistant Civil Surgeon.
  • Student who is continuously absent for ten days or more at any point of time, a showcase notice shall be served stating that he/she has to forfeit his/her seat, if, he/she fails to report to the College/University Department immediately.
  • The student whose attendance is below 70% and more than 40% may be given readmission within a period of two consecutive years with full fee but without appearing at the entrance examination and in such a case the student has to fulfil all the rules and regulations which are followed by a fresh student.
  • The student who does not have adequate attendance shall not be considered for the award of any scholarship or any kind of financial aid by the University or any other Government or Quasi Government Agency.
  • Attendance shall be reckoned from the date of admission to the last instructional day of each semester.