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Logo of the College


The emblem of any nation, state, institution, organization or society signifies its aims and functions. Such emblem brings a sense of pride, joy and unity. The emblem would offer inspiration, confidence and courage to meet any challenge at time of crisis.

Our emblem has a shield bearing the following components arranged in an order, signifying something as mentioned and motto banner beneath. The shield at its top right corner has the star of Bethlahem and its rays denote the blessings from above, the cross in the centre-the link between heaven and earth, the book beneath the word of God-the store house of knowledge and wisdom, the ears of grains on both the sides-the fertility and prosperity of our nation, the extended hands at the base-the friendship, fellowship and understanding. The motto space beneath the shield covering the breadth is banner like bearing the motto “Arise and Shine”, which is taken from the word of God. We are proud of our emblem.