Department of

Physical Science


Youth is easily deceived, because it is quick to hope.!!
“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

Aristotle (Greek)
--Greatest Philosopher

Physical Science Department


About the Department

“Science is a beautiful gift to humanity; we should not distort it.”
-Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

The department of physics is fanatical about opening the minds of student teachers to the discoveries, exploration and dramatic potential of the domain of science. It aims to develop abilities to process information and take independent decisions in day-to-day life with a motive of developing scientific attitude. Our department provides basic education in teaching, learning and evaluation in theory and practice at various levels which is suitable for students to become professionals in their preferred teaching fields. We adopt diverse teaching-learning strategies such as seminar, project, group discussion etc., for the students with an intention of preparing them to teach science in the secondary schools. Our department has a well-furnished laboratory which helps in developing skills of thinking, experimentation, observation, construction and improvising scientific apparatus, problem solving and scientific attitude among the students. Without experiencing, nothing ever becomes real. With this aim, we organized a one day workshop on the preparation of instructional materials to develop qualities like independence, self-confidence, persistence, novelty, originality and curiosity. We are maintaining a vibrant science club which act as a better forum for the blooming teachers to understand their scientific skills, express their ideas, and develop a keen interest for scientific investigations and to increase awareness of the relevance of science in modern society and to facilitate student success in related disciplines where an understanding of science is vital. The activities undertaken are lectures of the distinguished speakers, subject experts and persons from other institutions, group discussions and seminars, holding science fairs and exhibitions, celebrating National Science Day, organizing workshop, decorating the walls of the tutorial rooms and laboratory with scientific images and charts, improvising and preparing handmade apparatus, charts and models, planting trees and donating books to the library. Thus, our department makes a dynamic effort to intensify science education within a span of limited time.


  • Our students accomplished cent percent results in the University Examination.
  • National Science Day is celebrated every year with colourful events.
  • Our students performed a street play on “Say No to Plastics” at Colachel seashore.
  • The students of our department took part in various cultural competitions held at Holy Trinity College of Education, Melpalai and Mar Chrysostom College of Education, Kirathoor and won prizes.


  • To develop an understanding of nature and its relationship with science, technology and society.
  • To provide an exposure of the approaches and strategies related to science and the importance of self –learning devices.


  • To offer a broad array of scientific literary and inculcate scientific attitude among prospective science teachers.